Monitoring and Control


Smartswitch is an innovative New Zealand company that produces outstanding products that monitor, control and display systems within the boat such as Bilge Alarms, all Tank Levels, Navigation Lights Alarm, Fire Detection and Fuel Transfer systems.


For the last seven years Smartswitch has been developing products aimed specifically for vessels from small trailer craft to 100ft plus and include:

  • Tank Monitoring and Control
  • Bilge Monitoring and Control
  • Navigation Lights Monitoring and Control
  • Alarms Monitor
  • Fire / Smoke Monitor
  • Fuel Transfer Control
  • Electronic Toilet Control

And now in April 2009, added to this list is the all new totally reliable Bilge Switch with a range of features seldom seen in a standard Bilge Switching product.


A solid state microprocessor is at the heart of all these modular systems, designed to function in the harshest marine conditions. Smartswitch communicates throughout the boat via a simple two wire network cable. Should communication fail each microprocessor reverts to a standalone function. This makes Smartswitch easy to install, easy to manage, 100% reliable and significantly reduces the amount of cable required by up to 80%.




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