Marine CCTV


Dolphin Marine Ltd specialise in Marine CCTV with a difference. Their surveillance division has been created to market a complete range of bespoke CCTV equipment for the pleasure boat market.


Based in Poole in the UK, they have a design and development team constantly enhancing their portfolio of marine CCTV camera's in unique housings, digital recorders, docking camera systems, boat alarms, GPS tracking and a complete range of camera switching systems.


Generically known as Dolphin Marine their products are supplied throughout New Zealand by Crystal Electronics Ltd.


If you are among the growing number of boat owners realising the advantages an on board camera system offers in terms of added security or as a docking aid, you'll no doubt be all too aware of the plethora of products on the market that simply wont float your boat!


Compatible with all major video enabled Chart Plotters and Head Units, the total range of models satisfies all the major criteria required to fit into the Dolphin Marine portfolio: Functionality, Aesthetic, Value for Money and Simplicity.


With its tough waterproof vandal proof metal housings, built in Infra Red LED illumination and true day/night operation, they certainly out perform their competitors Amazing when you consider the unique size of most models. Even more amazing when you consider they cost less than most true marine cameras.


Crystal Electronics Ltd, 22 Cockle Bay Road, Auckland 2014, Ph: +64 9 579 3726