AIS Equipment


Vesper Marine is a dynamic manufacturer of AIS equipment here in New Zealand . In particular their AIS WatchMate Display and Collision Warning System has many unique features that put it in a class of its own.


The company specializes in Class-B equipment and supplies European sourced Class-B Transponders to interface with their AIS WatchMate Display.
  • Hook up the transponder to an AISWatchMate and you'll get a detailed display of all targets within range. See the vessels' position, course, speed, heading, length, beam, identity and more.
  • The combination of a transponder and AISWatchMate create a dedicated and reliable collision avoidance package that does not rely on power-hungry computers.
  • You will be alerted if any vessel will come too close based on its CPA (closest point of approach), time until CPA and other factors.
  • The AISWatchMate monitors transponder status and reports any operational problems.
  • It offers an intuitive and easy to use display and alarm system coupled with the additional safety benefits of continuously broadcasting your position, course, and speed.
  • AIS complements radar and plotter systems with positive target identification and greatly improves safety and security.
  • AIS offers ranges of up to 20-50 miles.

The dynamic nature of Vesper Marine has seen it develop specialized Class-B AIS Systems to suit particular customized requirements.


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