Shakespeare has established a winning tradition of getting there first with the best and for around 30 years Crystal Electronics has been distributing the best Marine Antennas that are produced anywhere.


This is particularly evident today as some antenna manufacturers promote “innovations,” which Shakespeare pioneered years ago and now regards as standard features. Take, for example, low angle of radiation. Shakespeare engineers developed the unique low angle techniques in marine antennas in the 1960s and built them into many of their models. Some of the other innovations were Fiberglass radomes, Hand-soldered connections, Brass and copper elements for maximum range and efficiency, Metal ferrules for more demanding conditions, Ultra smooth, extra durable, polyurethane finishes and UV stable, low loss coax cable. All of these innovative standards were introduced, and remain superior, in Shakespeare antennas.


Boaters worldwide have known and trusted Shakespeare innovation, performance, quality and reliability for many years. Command/control/communication centers aboard ships of the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy and military services around the globe continue to count on Shakespeare for antenna design, technology and quality manufacture.


Two innovative product ranges, the Classic and Galaxy offer the vessel owner a varied choice of styles, models and performances to suit every application.



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