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Quality Assurance


Crystal Electronics Ltd has always been committed to the quality of its products and services.


Not only do we source products of the highest quality from all over the world but we also thoroughly trial them in house before offering them to our customers.


The same quality assurance procedure is also applied to all our short term and long term contracts starting right at the systems development stage following right through till the satisfactory completion of the contract.


Our commitment to quality commences with a thorough understanding of our customers specific requirements. We will then propose the most appropriate solution which involves equipment selection, systems development and integration to provide maximum functionality and ease of use. Future expandability and system flexibility are also taken into consideration to allow for ever advancing technologies.


On acceptance a customer is provided with a complete set of drawings and cable schedules prior to commencement of the installation. Our experienced technicians then carry out the installation to the highest standards in the industry.


Commissioning and sea trialling of all the equipment is done in compliance with the manufacturer's specifications and any survey recommendations and to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Comprehensive tuition is provided to avoid any ambiguity in the operation of the systems.


At all times progress is reviewed by our technical staff correcting any deficiencies and always keeping in mind the functionality and efficiency of the system to suit our customer's needs.


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